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Marketing a book is not easy, I am finding out.  Oh sure, the speaking gigs are fun, but the background work eats away at the time with a voracious appetite.

It’s scary.

So today I decided to respond to a local university regarding a book signing on campus. Oops, I don’t have a letterhead.  How difficult can it be to create one? Let’s see. Logo–use the web banner? No, the image is too busy.  And the watermark thing–it doesn’t work at all. The cover image? Too boring.  But maybe I can jazz it up a bit in Picassa.

cover for website

Not bad. But on second thought, maybe the original is better after all. Now, let’s see…name, subtitle, contact information, oh–and an author image somewhere. In the header? Doesn’t fit very well. A horizontal line to set off the heading?

Two hours later, I have my letterhead!!!


Now, what was I doing? Oh yeah. Composing a letter to the local university.

Every author’s blog that I read, every website that I look at, every conference I attend, all repeat the same mantra. BlogBlogBlogBlogBlog.

Blog on a regular basis if you want your book to be noticed by readers.

Really? Blog? Who has time!??


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